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Period Pain? PMS? Fertility Issues? Acupuncture for Women's Health

Jacinta allowed us to use her blog post, please visit her website at www.jaeacupuncture.com.au 

In honour of women's health week (4 Sept-8 Sept) I decided to kick my butt into gear and start a women's health blog series! I figured it was about time that I focus on some of the health issues that effect women and how Chinese medicine looks at them. This issue will look at the 7-year cycles and the phases during a menstrual cycle, as well as also having a look at a few common conditions... Read More

Breast Cancer Education

GO2 Health would like to say a big thank you to Dr Maree Colosimo for her presentation and education evening for the staff at GO2 Health on Wednesday the 28th of June 2017. She was wonderfully supported by breast care coordinator Carmel Gamble.

This practitioner training was a great help to our team as we work to support cancer patients through their treatment, and build our relationship with the multidisciplinary medical teams who work so tirelessly. The education around chemotherapy and the opportunity to relay stories, ask questions and reflect on our progress was tremendously... Read More

Winter Diet - The Chinese Medicine Way

Jacinta allowed us to use her blog post, please visit her website at www.jaeacupuncture.com.au 

Winter would have to be my favourite time of year. I love winter. It's that time where we slow down, rug up, and eat delicious warm stews. One of my favourite things about Chinese medicine is that it advocates living in harmony with the seasons. Each season is associated with a different Organ and therefore has a different set of instructions on how to live optimally during that time. It is said that when we harmonise ourselves with the... Read More


Benefits of Pilates

If you’ve been following the recent fitness trends you’ve probably heard of Pilates. Pilates is a type of exercise that was originally developed to enhance the performance of ballet dancers. It uses equipment and machines to strengthen and lengthen muscles, improve posture and increase flexibility. “The core is the powerhouse of the body” is the main principle behind Pilates. If you have a strong core, you enable the rest of you body to function in the most efficient way.

Did you know that Pilates can be used to treat a large variety of injuries?

Pilates is often associated... Read More

Thoracic spine

Thoracic spine exercises

Have you have been suffering neck, shoulder or lower back pain or tightness and have been unsuccessful in addressing it?

Perhaps it is worth considering Thoracic spine mobility. Quiet often we focus on the areas we experience pain but forget to think about why the pain has occurred in the first place. Both the neck, shoulder and lower back all rely heavily on movement generated at the Thoracic spine to enable full range of motion, thus limited mobility in this region can have a flow on affect to common pain areas.

With many job roles requiring extended periods of sitting,... Read More

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